Downsizing: How it Can Be Beneficial at any age

February 27, 2018


Downsizing: How It Can Be Beneficial At Any Age

Downsizing can mean many things, and it can come at any stage of life, but more often than not it’s useful for seniors who want less to take care of, or one-parent families. Usually, downsizing simply means a move to a smaller home or a conscious decision to get rid of a lot of possessions that take up space; therefore, it can be useful at any age.

There are many ways to downsize. Some are bigger than others, but they all have their purpose. You may not be ready to move into a smaller home just yet, but downsizing your belongings is one step you can take to make more room in your house, and possibly make a little money at the same time. It will take some creative thinking — how to keep the things you really love while decluttering at the same time — but with a good plan, you can make it happen.

Here are a few tips on how to downsize and how it can be beneficial.

Downsize your collections
If you have a large book collection or tons of media, such as DVDs and record albums, consider downsizing these and selling a large portion of them in a garage sale or to a local second-hand shop, like Half-Price Books. This will make more room in your home, and you can check out any you’re still interested in (for free) from the local library. Of course, the trick to this is making sure you don’t rebuild your collection down the road.

After you’ve successfully downsized, think critically about future purchases. Consider each purchase before making it, and never buy on impulse. Buy home goods that are simple and useful. Plan for your purchases, and don’t put things on credit. Run errands with a shopping list — and stick to it. For more tips on how to achieve this, read on here.

If your home has a lot of clutter, downsizing can help you create a healthier living space. It’s hard to get things clean when there are a lot of belongings sitting around, and over time they can gather dust and mold. One of the rules of thumb when it comes to decluttering is, “When did you use it last?” If the answer is “I don’t know” or more than a month ago, you can probably get rid of it. Seasonal items can be stored in waterproof tubs in the garage or basement; books should be stored upright on shelves, away from sunlight that can damage their bindings. For more information on decluttering, click here.

Live smaller
If you’re looking for a bigger downsize and want to move into a smaller home, the benefits are nearly endless. Not only is it less to take care of, but it can also save you quite a bit of money on everything from the rent or mortgage to the utility bills. Living smaller also means leaving a smaller carbon footprint, which helps in the long run. Many individuals have found that downsizing also helps with mobility issues, especially if they are living with a disability or are recovering from an injury.

Save time
Moving into a smaller home that gives you less to take care of also means it will save you time; gone will be the weekends where you spend hours working in the yard, or cleaning two stories before company arrives.

Downsizing comes with many benefits, but it also comes with a lot to think about. Do some research before making any decisions, and weigh all your options to make sure it’s the right choice. Think about whether you’ll need to utilize storage options for larger pieces of furniture, for instance, especially if you have a lot of family heirlooms that you don’t want to get rid of. At the end of the day, taking a more minimalist approach at home can be truly liberating and set the stage for stress-free living for years to come.

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